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The Importance of Physical Quality in Fish Feed Formulations

Aquaculture is a rapidly growing industry that has been facing numerous challenges in recent years. One of the most critical issues affecting productivity and profitability is the physical quality of fish feed formulations.

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fish feed formulationsFeed is a significant investment for aqua producers, and with an average feed conversion rate between 1.1, it is critically important to productivity and profitability to ensure maximum value is extracted from fish feed formulations.

Here are four reasons why the physical quality of fish feed formulations is so important to aquaculture operations:

Poor feed quality leads to waste.
Poor feed quality leads to the production of fines, which are rarely consumed by fish and shellfish. These fines not only negatively impact water quality but also contribute to an increase in nitrogenous compounds and suspended and dissolved solids.

Buoyancy is crucial.

Aquafeed must be formulated not only for nutrition but also for buoyancy. Its performance characteristics, such as stability, ability to float, and sink rate, are crucial to feed utilization.

Efficient production is key.

Producing quality feed "at any cost" is not an option. Efficient production with minimal use of natural resources and no negative impact on throughput is a priority. Reducing process loss and managing energy utilization in feed production are critical to the industry's efficiency, productivity, and environmental sustainability goals.

Feed additives can make a difference.

Trials of Maxi-Mil, a specially formulated feed additive, have demonstrated significant improvements in the physical quality of extruded feed, leading to better quality pellets and fewer fines.

Fish feed formulationsAquafeed producers are successfully improving the physical quality of feed with least-cost formulations, without slowing down mills. For example, aquafeed producers in Asian markets have achieved remarkable results in improving PDI, reducing fines, and achieving feed stability goals.

The high physical quality of fish feed formulations is crucial to the success of intensively farmed fish and shellfish operations. By improving the physical quality of feed, producers can reduce waste, increase efficiency and achieve their sustainability goals.

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