Technical Services

Anitox Technical Services is dedicated to ensuring you meet your feed physical and microbial quality targets to maximize performance and profitability, comply with quality assurance and supply contracts and protect the value of your brand. 

The team also works globally with commercial and academic partners to better understand and evaluate the benefits of clean feed and improved feed form on food safety and performance.

Feed Mill Biosecurity Auditing

Anitox Feed Technologists will conduct an on-site feed mill biosecurity audit to pinpoint problem areas and efficient solutions.

Our professional feed mill biosecurity audits are designed to:

  • Pin-point entry points for Salmonella contamination
  • Identify problem areas
  • Course-correct using professional biosecurity standards
  • Prevent recontamination down the line

Disease Diagnostics & Risk Assessment

An Anitox Veterinarian/Nutritionist will work with your team to conduct feed-related risk assessment profiles and outline intervention strategies in a detailed report.

Our technical team is dedicated to ensuring you meet your feed physical and microbial quality targets.