Anitox INSIGHT™ offers users of our Termin-8®, Finio® and Maxi-Mil® solutions a means to monitor everything from feed pathogen load and pellet durability to air quality at the point of application. 

From a supply chain and engineering perspective, it also provides improved access to system performance data, diagnostics and stock management. The platform gives feed producers a greatly improved handle on their feed quality and biosecurity, with analytics and compliance data available at the touch of a button, 24-7.  

It's making the process of producing clean feed easier, offering remote oversight of the engineering systems that apply pathogen control solutions in feed mills across the globe. And there’s more to come…

If you would more information on Anitox INSIGHT please contact your our local Customer Experience Manager.

Candye Dailey

Americas: Candye Dailey

Simon Kendall

EMEA: Simon Kendall