Training & Education

Anitox launched its Anitox Academy in 2017, dedicated to knowledge transfer, compliance, and safety through online and in-person peer-to-peer training. Courses are written and delivered by professional engineers, feed mill technologists, veterinarians, nutritionists and technical managers with practical experience of feed milling and livestock production.

Training and certification records are kept in the secure Anitox Insights portal, helping mill managers to comply with quality assurance programs and the requirements of local worker safety competent authorities. 

Worker Safety Training

In this series of online modules, workers learn more about why they're using Termin-8, how it works, how to use it safely and what to do in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. Upon completion of the training modules, users will be given a test to earn a Working Safely with Termin-8 certificate. 

Worker Safety Workshops

As an alternative option to online certification, Termin-8 users can opt for an in-person Worker Safety Workshop led by a Feed Mill Technologist and/or Anitox Field Engineers.

Feed Mill Biosecurity Audit Training

Personalized programs delivered by feed milling technologists and technical managers designed to equip teams with the skills to execute feed mill biosecurity audits.