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News Release: Feed Safety a Top Priority for Industry Partners as IFSAC Announces New Priorities

Interagency Food Safety Analytics Collaboration (IFSAC) priorities for 2024-2028 have been published. As a partner to the world's leading feed and food producers, Anitox is committed to understanding how IFSAC's commitment to improving the coordination of federal food safety analytics efforts and addressing cross-cutting priorities for food safety data collection, analysis, and use impacts the industry.

The attribution to foodborne diseases includes animal-derived food products where feeds used in the various species production systems have been identified as a vector for pathogens of human health significance such as Salmonella. The role of feed as a potential carrier for pathogens has been extensively studied, and animal feed has been associated with Salmonella contamination in more than 500 publications.

Just this year, researchers at the University of Georgia conducted a comprehensive review of almost 40 publications spanning over 50 years, focusing on detecting and assessing the prevalence of Salmonella in broilers. The study analyzed data from over 40,000 samples to determine the relative contribution of various pre-harvest factors that affect Salmonella prevalence in broiler operations. The researchers identified feed as a significant factor, accounting for 4.8% of Salmonella positivity in broilers.

Anitox is proud to partner with an industry that takes food safety seriously and proactively mitigates the transmission and prevalence of pathogens. As a committed partner, we continue to invest in research evaluating the impact of feed on horizontal transmission of Salmonella within poultry meat production, performance and resulting load and prevalence inbound to processing. Our continued investment into understanding how feed sanitation supports industry efforts has led to collaboration with research organizations such as the University of Arkansas to evaluate the ability of Termin-8® to mitigate Salmonella and its resulting impact on broiler performance. Research such as this ensures that we continue to provide the industry with tools that provide effective solutions.

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