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Press Release: Anitox Hosts Expert Panel Stop Feeding the Problem

New research evaluating the impact of feed-source pathogens on poultry performance took the stage at IPPE 2023. Anitox joined with industry experts Dr. Jeanna Wilson and Dr. Dan Moore to share new and upcoming data demonstrating how Termin-8 can further support productivity and profitability.


Chris Tecca, CEO of feed pathogen control specialist Anitox, explains: “Feed sanitation has historically been looked at as an effective option to protect food safety. Over the past year we have worked with experts Dr. Jeanna Wilson from the University of Georgia and Dr. Dan Moore from Colorado Quality Research, to investigate how mitigating feed microbial loads with Termin-8 impacts essential quality and performance metrics within poultry operations. Data demonstrates that feed sanitation is not only critical to food safety but also plays an essential role helping producers optimize performance and productivity.

breakfast with the clean feed experts
breakfast with the clean feed experts
breakfast with the clean feed experts


“It is exciting to unveil new learnings. This data helps us understand how implementing effective feed pathogen control gives producers power to make safe food more efficiently. It also indicates important opportunities for significant returns on investment through performance improvement. More is planned to come throughout 2023 as we continue to partner with industry leaders, invest in R&D and ensure that we support producers in their efforts to make more safe food, efficiently and sustainably.”


Those looking to better understand how feed-source pathogens impact poultry performance and ready to take effective action can work with an Anitox expert to evaluate their options for feed sanitation. In addition, you can listen in to Dr. Enrique Montiel's presentation ‘What are the Consequence of Feed Interventions and the Microbiome of Commercial Poultry?’ which explores how feed hygiene practices impact microbiomes and shows data demonstrating the positive impact feed sanitation has on poultry performance.


Anitox supports producers by protecting feed value through an expert understanding of feed pathogens such as Salmonella and the important role feed plays in poultry performance. Those wanting to book a slot at one of the many Anitox-sponsored IPPE talks and events or are seeking more information on how feed sanitation supports performance should visit www.anitox.com/ippe-2023.


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