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Press Release: Anitox Launches Fortrol® New Cost-effective Salmonella Control for Feed

Feed biosecurity specialist Anitox has unveiled Fortrol®, its new highly cost-effective feed additive to help producers meet feed microbial quality goals. Formulated to control Salmonella in feed ingredients and finished feed, Fortrol® gives producers greater flexibility to respond to incoming feed microbial challenge in mills and processing and deliver safe, effective, affordable rations.

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Jorge Trindade

EMEA Director of Sales Jorge Trindade explains: “Fortrol® is built on more than 40-years of Anitox feed biosecurity expertise. When applied to finished feed and/or feed ingredients, it reduces risk of pathogen transmission via feed and post-heat recontamination. As a preventative and corrective solution, Fortrol® can be used as a flush treatment to mitigate pathogen colonization within feed ingredient processing plants and feed mills. It is with great pleasure that we are introducing Fortrol® in the European market. This launch reinforces our feed pathogen control portfolio and expands Anitox support to our customers in producing safe feed in an efficient way.”

Dr. Enrique MontielDirector of Nutrition and Live Production Dr. Enrique Montiel highlights that “Fortrol® demonstrates highly effective control of Salmonella at risk-dependent variable inclusion rates from 2 to 8 kg/MT. It’s applied using best-in-class Anitox engineering solutions, giving producers the flexibility to switch between Fortrol® and our patented high-performance feed sanitizer Finio®. That puts Anitox in the unique position of being able to offer new cost-effective feed safety programs that address seasonal and formulation-specific risks, as well as critical production needs such as reduced dwell times and continuous recontamination protection.”

Contact a Clean Feed Expert if you are ready to implement cost-effective Salmonella control in feed with Fortrol® and or looking to understand which feed pathogen control solution best suits your needs.

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