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Pathogen Control

Maximizing Your Feed Investment Through Pathogen Control


Increasing Yield In Biofuel Production

Feed Milling

Optimizing Efficiency And Mold Control For Feed Milling

Pet Food

Raising Pet Food Standards

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To feed and fuel a growing population, today’s producers are tasked with delivering more from less. At the same time, recent incidents involving pathogens in meat products and pet food has forced the world to recognize the continuing need for biological integrity throughout our food chain.

At Anitox, we’re helping create a more secure and efficient food supply and a brighter energy future. By understanding how pathogens and other unwanted microbes occur, survive and thrive, we’re able to deliver commercially viable solutions in the areas of livestock and pet food production, feed milling and biofuel fermentation. Our in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve ensures practical solutions that can be implemented seamlessly.

That’s Anitox. That’s Security through Science.™