Maximizing Your Feed Investment Through
Pathogen Control

Anitox solutions control feed microbe contaminates to increase feed values, improve livestock performance and protect public health

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Optimizing Efficiency And Mold Control For Feed Milling

Anitox solutions deliver significant savings by improving the overall efficiency of the milling and pelleting process.

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Raising Pet Food Standards

Anitox solutions control mold and pathogens in pet foods, ensuring stability while safe guarding the health of pets and the people who care for them.

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Increasing Yield In Biofuel Production

Anitox solutions in specialist areas such as biofuels, control microbial contaminants for a cleaner, more efficient fermentation.

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Lasting protection for performance feed

Finio is a breakthrough in the challenge to maximize returns on investments in feed. It leads to lower FCR, improved LWG, lower morbidity and mortality, and less variation

Reducing bacteria leads to a cleaner fermentation

OptimOH improves alcohol yield by treating and reducing a broad range of bacteria typically found in alcohol fermentation and processes

Three-in-one milling efficiency

Maxi-Mil enables feed producers to reduce process loss, improve pellet quality and either reduce energy consumption or increase throughput