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Feed is your largest investment. Safeguard it with Termin-8

Termin-8 offers the highest level of pathogen control in feed and has a residual effect, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), for three weeks post-application. Termin-8 controls feed contamination caused by:

  • Salmonella spp.
  • Molds

By using feed free from pathogens, producers can maximize the nutritional value of the diet, which results in:

  • an improved feed conversion rate
  • a decrease in mortality, especially in early life stages
  • a reduction in antibiotic use

Application of Termin-8 reduces pathogen incidence in the food chain. It is particularly effective in reducing contamination caused by Salmonella spp. It has a targeted effect only in feed and has no withdrawal period. Termin-8 has been extensively tested, resulting in worldwide approvals including FDA and the European Commission. Termin-8 provides pathogen control for feed used in more than 60 countries.

Pathogen Control Service

Anitox offers extensive support through laboratory analyses and engineering knowledge. This ensures an effective pathogen control program and safe use of Termin-8. Benefits compared to competition (e.g. organic acids):

  • Better pathogen control, achieved at more favorable price
  • Extensive residual effect, from feed mill to feeders
  • No adverse effects on feed intake at effective dose


Termin-8 can be applied in feed, either as a powder or a liquid. A patented application system ensures accurate dosing of Termin-8 liquid.

Inclusion Level For Termin-8 Liquid

Application rates vary by type of treated material. For specific information, please contact your local Anitox representative.

Termin-8 – Security Through Science

Benefits Confirmed By Independent, In-house And Practical Research

Effect of Termin-8 on Layers – Piedmont Research Station, Salisbury, North Carolina, USA

Conclusion: Treating the feeds with Termin-8 improved feed quality and egg hygiene.

Effect of Termin-8 on vaccination response in turkeys – field research, USA

Conclusion Degree of variation in antibody concentration amongst eggs produced on different days was reduced from 9.8 to 1.7%, indicating a more uniform vaccination response.

Uniformity Response to Vaccination
Treatment  Antibody titer (O.D) Coefficient of Variation Percent
Control 0.922 9.8
Termin-8 0.953 1.7

Effect of Termin-8 on recontamination – Anitox Laboratory, Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA
*Samples contaminated with S. typhimurium 19 days after production, samples tested 48h after contamination

Conclusion: Termin-8 provides extensive protection against Salmonella when applied at a minimum of 2 kg/mt

S. typhimurium count (%)