Anitox solutions in specialist areas like ethanol, control microbial contaminants for a cleaner, more efficient fermentation. Limited availability of fossil fuels is driving the search for alternative energy resources such as ethanol.

At Anitox, we know its vital that crops are converted into biofuels efficiently, maximizing the yield from every ton that would otherwise be used for food and feed production. Our scientists utilize their knowledge of microbes and the biofuel manufacturing process to develop efficiencies and to reduce reliance on antibiotics. By controlling bacterial contaminants, our dedicated OptimOH team helps biofuel producers maximize energy recovery. Our products are proven in full-scale applications to improve ethanol yield by controlling bacterial contaminants without leaving residue in the co-products.

The result is a more sustainable biofuel, requiring fewer natural resources. That’s Security through ScienceTM

Reduction of bacteria leads to cleaner fermentation. While antibiotics only reduce bacteria levels, OptimOH removes them almost completely, improving alcohol yield.

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