Feed Milling

Anitox solutions deliver significant savings by improving the overall efficiency of the milling and pelleting process. With escalating ingredient and energy costs, feed manufacturers rely on creative strategies to maximize resources.

Our team of dedicated nutritionists, feed mill technicians and field service engineers has the experience, systems and skills to overcome your challenges. Our Maxi-Mil efficiency program delivers results, reducing process loss and energy costs, improving pellet quality and increasing throughput.

In fact, according to the International Research Institute of Feed Technology (IFF), the average 100,000t feed mill can save $150,000 by using the Maxi-Mil Program. In addition to lowering manufacturing costs, our systems improve pellet quality, optimizing feed intake for more efficient growth. The result is greater nutrient utilization, increased animal performance and improved resource use, delivering more affordable protein sources for a growing population.

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Three-in-one milling efficiency. Reducing process loss, improving pellet quality, reducing energy costs and increasing throughput.

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