Sorb-IT effectively binds to a broad range of mycotoxins, inhibiting mycotoxin absorption to protect intestinal health and feed conversion efficiency. A unique formulation of naturally occurring organic clays, Sorb-IT has a high binding capacity and is effective in all species.

Sorb-IT is a highly effective mycotoxin binder from Anitox, the world’s leading specialist in pathogen control. Sorb-IT’s straightforward and proven chemistry provides a cost-effective solution to the impact of mycotoxins on livestock performance. It protects the intestinal tract and prevents immunosuppression, delivering better feed conversion efficiency and reducing morbidity and mortality associated with mycotoxin absorption.

Effective mycotoxin binding:

Sorb-IT binds to all four types of aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, and G2, with efficacy rates of 94% and above.

Alfatoxin Chart

 Broader mycotoxin binding:

Sorb-IT also controls a wide range of mycotoxins including Fumonisin, Ochratoxin, T2, Zearalenone.

Mycotoxin Chart


An illustration of how the Sorb-IT molecule attaches itself to mycotoxin molecules and forms an insoluble complex:

T2 Toxin

Inhibiting absorption

Sorb-IT is pH stable and binds to the mycotoxin in feed creating an insoluble complex, thereby controlling and preventing the absorption of mycotoxins within the intestinal tract.

Maintaining gut health

Sorb-IT protects the intestinal tract from mycotoxin damage, allowing the gut to remain healthy and maximize digestion and absorption.

Natural, simple, effective

An organic clay binder with silicates, oxygen, aluminium and calcium, Sorb-IT has no adverse effect on vitamin, mineral and pigment absorption.

Using Sorb-IT


Sorb-IT can be added to the mixer by hand or via a microsystem. Sorb-IT performs at rates between 0.5 and 2kg/MT. Optimal inclusion level is determined by individual protection requirements.

Science behind Sorb-IT


Sorb-IT forms complexes and remains stable despite variation in intestinal tract acidity.

Gut Conditions Image

In acidic environments Sorb-IT binds more than 99% of aflatoxin, providing greater control than alternatives.

Alfaxin binding chart

Sorb-IT binds effectively to a wide range of mycotoxins at all pH levels.

Stability of Sorb-IT chart


Sorb-IT reduces the impact of feed source aflatoxin on poultry productivity even at lower inclusion rates.

Effect of Sorb-IT Chart

Day-old white leghorn chickens were fed broiler starter feed containing 1.0 ppm Aflatoxin with 0, 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, or 4.0 kg Sorb-IT/MT of feed. After three weeks, the experiment was terminated. Birds were weighed, sacrificed, and the organs that have been reported to be sensitive to the effects of aflatoxin were examined. Birds fed Sorb-IT supplemented feed had better growth
performance and their livers were protected and not enlarged.