Punch prevents mold growth and mycotoxin formation in feed and feed ingredients to protect feed values and extend product life.

Specially formulated for feed treatment, Punch is non-corrosive and free from contaminants harmful to human and animal health.

Inhibit mold growth and sporulation

Punch exhibits a wide anti-fungal spectrum including Aspergillus,
Penicillium, Fusarium, Trichoderma, Alternaria, Cladosporium, Helminthosporium, Verticillium, Candida,
Saccharomyces, Rhizopus and Chaetomium.

Prevent mycotoxins

Punch prevents mycotoxin formation including Aflatoxin, Trichothecenes, Ochratoxin,
Zearalenone and Fumonisins. These toxins present a significant risk to animal health, impacting on the immune
system and increasing morbidity and mortality rates. At sub-clinical levels mycotoxins impair performance, reducing growth and conversion rates.

Protect nutritional values

Punch prevents mold spores from growing and protects the vitamin, amino acid,
energy and fat content of feeds and feed ingredients.

Maintain feed palatability

Punch maintains feed quality and prevents growth of molds that cause caking, heating,
and darkening of grains and finished feeds, all of which reduce feed palatability by affecting odor and taste. Punch is a high quality mold inhibitor offering the highest possible concentration of buffered propionic acid.

Punch has a neutral pH of 6.9 to 7.1 and is non-caustic and non-corrosive to mild steel and galvanized metal. Punch has low volatility, remaining effective in feed for longer. It is stable during pelletization, with more than 99% efficacy at pelletizing temperatures of 175-205°F/79-96°C. Its ingredients are widely approved for use in feed for most animal species. No residues – ingredients are GRAS for any animal species; no withdrawal period.


Punch is an essential part of any mycotoxin HACCP program. Use Punch as part of a mold management strategy, which includes practices such as:

  • selection of low moisture ingredients
  • shortening manufacture-to-consumption windows
  • use of clean feed distribution systems in mills and on farm

Punch is applied at the mixer stage and can be added to your existing operation. Punch is monitored, serviced and supported by Anitox engineers, laboratory analysis services and feed milling technologists. The point at which liquid application is made depends upon the design of the processing equipment.

Science behind Punch

Punch inhibits mold growth and prevents sporulation.

Punch enters the mold cell, decreasing cellular pH level, halting mold cell functionality and preventing further growth and reproduction. Normally, feed moisture levels above 12% must be avoided when storing feed for more that 2-3 days. By adding Punch to the feed it allows for feed to be produced at a higher moisture content or stored for longer periods of time.

Mold Inhibition Chart


In trials, Punch demonstrated the longest duration of control against mold (Aspergillus parasiticus and
Aspergillus flavus) than alternatives.

Storage Time Chart


In comparative trials Punch was the most non-corrosive of all commercially available mold inhibitors when tested on galvanized metal and mild steel.

Corrosive Chart



Nutrient Degradation Chart