Raising pet food safety standards

Effective control against Pet Food spoilage microorganisms

Preserv-8 is a new patent pending antimicrobial premixture that is effective against a wide range of spoilage microorganisms commonly found in pet food.

Preserv-8 offers pet food manufacturers an effective control tool to ensure high quality diets for pets and other animals, reducing risks associated with microbial contamination of pet foods from manufacture through to point of use. It is a robust solution, enabling pet food manufacturers to meet demands for risk-based preventative control.

Microbial contamination has been identified as the biggest challenge facing manufacturers of pet food:


The most common microbial contaminants can cause serious problems in animals compromising the nutritional value of their diets and impacting health and well-being.

Mold growth in feed ingredients can have a significant effect on value, in particular the levels of carbohydrate and fat:


Mold growth in feed ingredients can have a significant effect on value.

Sources of Microbial Contamination

Pinpointing the sources of microbial contamination in pet food is difficult – supply chains, pet food plants and even the point of use are all potential sites. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) and use of ingredients with antimicrobial properties such as Preserv-8 help pet food producers prevent microbial contamination.


Impact of Mold Growth in Corn, on Levels of:

Fat and carbohydrates


Amino acid levels




Preserv-8 Development

Preserv-8 was developed by Anitox as a unique premixture of antimicrobial ingredients.

Effect of Preserv-8 on Yeast

Inhibition of Yeast


Using Preserv-8

The recommended usage rate of Preserv-8 is 3lb/ton of dog food. Preserv-8 has been proven to be stable during extrusion.


In a controlled PAL test in dogs, feed treated with Preserv-8 at the standard rate of 3lb/ton in the mixer was found to be as palatable as untreated feed.

Regulations vary by regions. Consult local regulations for specific applications.