3x greater control of pathogens

Finio outperformed three leading organic acid blends in trials, delivering 3x greater control of pathogenic contaminants. Its patent protected* formulation of novel phytochemicals and carboxylic acids offers high levels of pathogen control, even for those operating in restrictive regulatory environments.

Broader spectrum control

Finio is proven to control pathogens associated with poor animal health and performance, including Salmonella, E. coli, Enterococcus, Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium perfringens. In vitro studies show excellent efficacy against these and other pathogens, several of which have been tracked from feed-sources into the human food chain.

14-day post-application protection

Samples of feed treated with Finio show significantly lower pathogen levels 14 days post-application, protecting feed long after it leaves the mill. As a result, feed treated with Finio is protected against recontamination during transportation, storage and even while in feeders on farm.

Improved performance

Controlling pathogens in feed improves performance and reduces variance in poultry production. Independent trials in broilers demonstrated improved LWG, FCR, morbidity and mortality of birds fed rations with low pathogen loads, similar to levels achieved when feed is treated with Finio. Average of 11 trials shows:

  • 2.1% improvement in feed conversion rates (FCR)
  • 15.8% reduction in mortality

Finio is a total system solution from Anitox, the world’s leading specialist in pathogen control.

Finio is a breakthrough in the challenge to maximize returns on investment in feed. It reliably controls pathogen levels and, crucially, keeps levels lower for longer.

Finio controls pathogen loads in feed to:

  • Improve FCR
  • Increase LWG
  • Lower morbidity and mortality
  • Reduce variation in poultry production

Poultry fed rations free of pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli and Clostridia exhibit:

  • LOWER feed conversion rates
  • IMPROVED live weight gain
  • LOWER morbidity
  • LESS variation

Finio controls a broad range of pathogens

Finio is proven to effectively control Enterobacteriaceae, the family of gram negative bacteria which includes salmonella and E. coli.














Finio protection lasts longer

In contrast to two leading organic acid blends, Finio showed control of salmonella in feed two weeks after application.
















Finio significantly reduces levels of feed-source pathogens

In trials Finio delivered 3x greater control of salmonella compared with three commercial blends of organic acids.
















*Please check local regulations for patent status.