Meet Our Team

Rick Phillips
Chief Executive Officer / CEO

Rick Phillips is responsible for leading the development and execution of Anitox’s long term strategy and vision with a view to creating shareholder value. He acts as a direct liaison between the management team and Riverside Company, and communicates on behalf of the Company to shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders. His leadership also entails responsibility for all day-to-day management decisions and implementation of Anitox’s long and short term plans.

Dave Smith
Chief Financial Officer / CFO

Dave leads global finance and supply chain / manufacturing. He is responsible for all activities in the accounting, information technology, legal, planning, human resources, supply chain, distribution and manufacturing functions of the company.

In the CFO role, Dave manages the financial strategy & reporting, capital and operating budgets for Anitox and supports the development of long term strategy that will drive growth in shareholder value.

John Thornton
Vice President – Global Sales

As Vice President of Global Sales, John’s a key member of the Anitox One Vision leadership team and the driving force behind Anitox’s commercial operations across the world. John is responsible for meeting customer expectations and helping the commercial team achieve their targets.

Chris Barnes
Vice President, Global Supply-Chain

Chris is the lead for manufacturing at Anitox within both its 3rd party and in-house production centers. This includes sourcing and purchasing quality raw materials and maintaining supplier and production relations to ensure our customers receive products in a timely and cost effective manner. Chris also has responsibly for global logistics, and supply-chain strategy to both minimize cost and maximize service for both customers and Anitox alike. He works closely with the commercial teams to ensure our customers have the best purchasing experience possible.

Ruth Jewkes
Vice President – Marketing and Business Development

Ruth is responsible for Anitox visibility, product and service positioning, and for indirect customer, target and influencer relations through full implementation of the company’s SalesForce CRM. Her remit also includes development and delivery of base business management and customer experience portal Anitox Insight™.  Ruth is a key member of the Anitox One Vision leadership team member and, together with Rick Phillips, is responsible for the ongoing Anitox strategic planning program.

Kurt Richardson
PH. D. - Chief Science Officer

Dr. Kurt Richardson is responsible for all research and development (R&D) activities and laboratory functions at Anitox. He presents at domestic and international scientific forums and events and consults with nutritionists and Veterinarians at customer sites around the world. His research can be found in trade journals and scientific publications spanning three decades.