Despite rising Salmonella-related deaths in Europe, and the absence of effective alternatives, the European Commission’s SCOPAFF committee has voted by qualified majority to deny the industry formaldehyde control tools.

The announcement comes just one week after the European Centre of Disease Control released a report showing the decade-long decline of Salmonella in Europe has come to an end.

Cases of Salmonella Enteritidis in the EU have increased in humans by 3% since 2014 according to the  European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). In laying hens, the prevalence increased from 0.7% to 1.21% over the same period. Nearly 95k cases of human salmonellosis were reported in the EU in 2016. S. Enteritidis, the most widespread type of Salmonella and the one most associated with consumption of eggs and poultry meat, accounted for almost two-in-three of all salmonellosis cases.

Contrary to its proffered position as guardian of health and safety, the Commission stands accused of putting unsubstantiated concerns about worker safety above the evidenced increased risk to consumers.   Its accusers?  A significant number of contributors to the Commission’s own public consultation which ended less than 24hrs before the vote was taken.

Some 100 scientists, feed and poultry producers, representative bodies and consumers responded within a two-week window.  The vast majority called for continued use of formaldehyde, with many citing the relative poor performance of organic acids as a primary concern.  You can read the feedback in full here or see highlights below.

While many place moral responsibility for compromised public health at the door of Commissioner Andruikiatis and members of the SCOPAFF committee, in reality it is now the industry’s problem to deliver Salmonella-free feed and food without its favoured control tool.

Anitox has advanced commercialization of its Finio technology to fill the void, with accelerated in-field trials over the past 12 months delivering strong residual protection at low application rates.  It’s SWITCH program has seen Europe’s highest profile feed producers move to Finio, having rejected organic acids as offering little control and no residual protection, rendering feed vulnerable to recontamination between mill and feeder.

Today Finio is the ONLY pathogen control solution to offer European producers residual Salmonella protection.  To find out more contact us or call +44 1604 811228.