Pathogens can enter the live production process through a variety of routes. People, infected vectors like rodents, insects or birds, or fomites like feed, vehicles or water are just a few pathways that pathogens take advantage of to enter a farm.

Anitox partners with the world’s leading food producers to control feed-source pathogens, such as PEDv and ASF, thus preventing transmission from feed to farm to human. Mitigate your risk of harmful pathogens entering the food chain with our complimentary guide on PEDv and ASF. Discover everything you need to know about:

  • The consumer response to PEDv
  • Its effect on growing pigs
  • Industry economic loss
  • Controlling PEDv and ASF
  • Effective pathogen control for feed

Access our knowledge base today and be on your way to successful pathogen control. 

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