Anitox has unveiled Finio, its next generation pathogen control additive for feed and feed ingredients. Finio controls pathogen loads in feed to improve feed conversion rates, increase live weight gain, lower morbidity and mortality, and reduce variation in poultry production. Trials have shown outstanding results in control of Salmonella, E.coli and Clostridia as well as residual effect for two weeks after application.

The advance is significant as it gives feed producers, including those operating in restrictive regulatory environments, a higher-performance alternative to traditional organic acid blends. Science behind the new formulation was the subject of a well-attended technical presentation at VIV Europe’s Animal Health Summit given by Dr Peter Street, Vice President of Research, Development and Regulatory Affairs for Anitox, a business that already dominates the poultry sector with Termin-8™.

“Laboratory and feed mill-scale trial data for Finio is impressive,” explains Dr Street. “Field trials show pathogen control three times greater than that of the best-performing commercial organic acid blend tested.